Google originally named Go-Ogle claims insider

An alleged former Google employee claims that the original name for the famous search engine was Go-Ogle.

The insider suggests that Google originally wanted a website where people could search or “ogle” anything they wanted.

“Larry and Sergey were toying with various names back in the day,” says the anonymous former colleague.

“The original name was BackRub, but this did not adequately describe what the majority of people would use the site for. Larry loves the letter ‘G’, so they also considered Gawp, Goggle and Gawk as possible names for their new search engine.”

When Larry met Sergey

When Larry met Sergey

“Sergey finally suggested Ogle which they thought was perfect, but the domain name was already taken and it didn’t start with ‘G’, so Larry came up with the idea of adding ‘Go’ as a verb.”

“They invited their friend Justin Timberlake to look at the new Go-Ogle website, who was suitably impressed.  As he was leaving he told them to drop the hyphen and combine the words into one word: Google.”

“The rest is history.”

The domain name for Google was registered on September 15, 1997.