Same-Sex Marriage Protest Couple change their minds about Divorce

A Canberra couple protesting against proposed changes to allow same-sex couples to marry, have changed their minds.

Felipe and Rose Ortis were planning on divorcing to show their resentment of the proposed changes.

“As a Christian couple, we have no choice but to loudly and proudly oppose gay marriage,” says Felipe Ortis, an apprentice Minister in the New Christian Biblical Sense Church.

“Jesus did not specifically say that he opposed gay marriage, but I am pretty sure he would have been very angry about it, if asked.”

Rose and Felipe Ortis - happy again.

Rose and Felipe Ortis – keeping their rings warm.

“Why is the government getting involved in laws that were made by God? I thought there was a separation of Church and State in Australia?”

The couple were all set to go through with their online divorce, until they saw online comments on a similar news article.

“Somebody commented about sex outside of marriage not being very Christian. We hadn’t thought of that, and we badly want to have children.”

“Then it dawned on me that when the first gay divorce happens, it kinda defeats the purpose of the protest anyway.”

Another protesting Canberra Christian couple, Nick and Sarah Jensen will allegedly be facing legal hurdles should they attempt to divorce due to the requirement of separation.

“We do not want to separate at all, and are definitely putting our fingers firmly back into our rings.  In fact, instead of getting divorced we are taking a trip back to beautiful New Zealand to renew our vows and get married again,” Mr Ortis said.

At the time of this article there have been 20 countries approve same-sex marriage since 2001.