Disappointed Harry Potter fans in Open Day mix-up

A group of Harry Potter fans that traveled to an open day in Canberra have been bitterly disappointed.

The much anticipated “Canberra Potters Society Open Day” was held on Sunday 1st November, which is an afternoon of demonstrations and activities in handcrafted ceramics.

Gandalf: Thou shall not pass Goulburn!

Gandalf: Thou shall not pass Goulburn!

“We saw the headline on social media, but unfortunately did not read any further,” said Robert ‘Gandalf the Grey’ Johnson.

“We mustered up our friends, hired a bus and headed to the Muggle suburb of Watson in Canberra.”

“The roadtrip was not without its dramas either. We got a flat tyre near Goulburn, but luckily Dumbledore was with us, as he was the only one burly enough to loosen the wheel nuts.”

“While we were disappointed, we met some nice people, purchase a couple of lovely ceramic bowls and had a pint at the Wig and Pen.”

The Potter’s Open Day is an extremely popular event amongst ceramic aficionados and various crafty folk.