Did Nostradamus predict the rise of Donald Trump?

A recent discovery in the texts of Nostradamus has suggested that he may have predicted Donald Trump.

A translated quatrain, the poetic way in which Nostradamus revealed his prophecies may refer to the newly elected former reality TV star and billionaire.

The quatrain is as follows:

In the second millennium a star will rise
His wealth will trump a million voices
The sky on the Metropolis burns red
The undead will feast for four years

“This is clearly about Donald Trump” says Professor Jules Scaliger, a long time follower of Nostradamus.

A photo of Nostradamus circa 1552

A photo of Nostradamus circa 1552

“Donald is the reality star that rises, and the million voices are his twitter feed. The Metropolis refers to New York and the red is possibly his hair. This is more proof that Nostradamus was clearly a prophet.”

Sceptics have pointed out that since the predictions made by Nostradamus require unscrambling, translating and interpreting, that there is room for much error.

However, anti-Trump groups are praising the interpretation, as it appears to portray the President-elect as some kind of flaming demon, feeding on the weak.

Scholars are now scrambling to see if Nostradamus mentions anything about Mike Pence, Steve Bannon or Rudy Giuliani.