Pun King back at SummerNats

The self-titled Pun King has arrived back in Canberra as part of his yearly pilgrimage to Summernats.

Jimmy El-Sabaa is well known amongst Summernats regulars because of his alleged ability to make continuous puns.

“I am gonna have a smokin’ good time this year. I just hope I don’t get burnout!” said Mr El-Sabaa in an exclusive interview with The Canberra News Digestive.

“Are you as revved up as me? Last time I was here I blew a head gasket, and now I am exhausted.”

SummerNats Black TShirts Aplenty
Black is the new black when it comes to SummerNats clobber

Summernats is dearly loved by all Canberra locals is said to bring more money into the fast food, booze and paracetamol economy, than any other event.

“I am hoping to see some treasure chests this year, so make sure you bring your pink slips ladies! I am your biggest fan-belt.” continued Mr El-Sabaa.

This year also brings some legendary concerts in the form of Butterfingers, Dune Rats, 360 and Brook Evers.

Summernats will be shaking Canberra up from 3-6 January 2019.