Because some news is hard to swallow.
Canberra, ACT

Independent, unique, entertaining.
The way real news should be.

All names, events and characters (apart from celebrities) are completely fictional. Any resemblance to persons or deities living or dead is purely coincidental unless used as a humorous device.

nothing is true
This “news” site and is for entertainment purposes only.

Do not believe anything you read here.

The Canberra News Digestive is written, authorised and funded by one man.


“NO. NOT FUNNY. Stupid and idiotic.”
Dr Darakat Bass @darakat_ewr

“It’s like The Onion, but for Canberra, making it, better?”
Chris Hore @Scratch2k



Bart says:

Keep up the good work, Mr X. Bout time someone got to the bottom of things in this town!

LivingTreasure says:

I’m still going to sue you.

soul says:

wtf this site was written by a pigeon!!!!

Hello this is Gab says:


How are you ha ha that’s right