Ask Mary-Louise


Mary-Louise is a semi-professional personal consultant, life coach and agony aunt who will answer any of your questions about relationships, career, study, moral dilemmas and Pre-Socratic philosophy.


Jessica from Red Hill asks: “I think my husband has turned gay. He has started shaving his legs and wearing neon bicycle gear.  The other day I found a box full of Kylie Minogue CDs.  What should I do?”

Well Jessica, I was unconvinced until I read the part about the Kylie Minogue stash of CDs. Your husband is in all likelihood very gay. But don’t stress, it’s perfectly normal for husbands these days to be gay and live happy, healthy lives.  Try dressing up as George Clooney, or take him for a night out at Cube nightclub.  In any case, having a gay husband is a bonus when it comes to cooking, shopping and watching old episodes of Sex in the City.


Bill from Curtin asks:  “I am a 43 year old public servant and recently told my wife I want to change jobs and become a fighter pilot. She laughed at me.  Should I get a divorce?”

Dear Bill, it may be time to give up the dream of being a fighter pilot.  By now, your body is in serious decline. Your hearing and vision are rapidly deteriorating which is not a good thing for the sensory demanding job of a fighter pilot. Enjoy your time in the public service – after all, you are serving the public which is almost analogous to commanding a high tech killing machine.  Still, your wife should not have been so mean and yes you should consider a divorce.


Mary from Kaleen asks: “I think my boss is in love with me.  He makes me stay back to finish my work and never lets me take a day off unless I have a reason.  I often feel him staring at me while I am surfing the internet, and he seems interested in where I have been when I take long lunches.  What should I do?”

This is one of those uneasy situations Mary, and I don’t envy you.  It is possible that your boss is a workaholic and expects you to live up to his standards.  It is also possible that he is harbouring a secret fantasy about making love to you on his office desk, hoping that someone may walk in and catch you just as you both reach the top of Mount Vesuvius and lay quivering in a sweaty embrace.  My suggestion would be to ask for a raise or go for a promotion – this will make him put his cards on the table.


Lisa from Mawson asks: “My headlights on my 2006 Ford Territory seem to be a little dimmer than usual. Should I worry?”

Yes Lisa, you should. However, this may be relatively easy to fix. It is obviously an issue with your electrical system, so start by checking the battery, the alternator and any connections to the headlights. If your alternator is charging correctly, it should be feeding a current of at least 13.8 Volts. If all else fails, try topping up your headlight fluid.