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Help Wanted
Seeking someone for help with some dusting around the home. Preferably French. Must have own feather duster.

Free Seminar
Tired of not looking rich?  Want to know how to have lots of money available? Sick of not having enough credit cards? This free seminar will show you the secrets to borrowing more and more and more money.  Register now!



Looking for investors
New startup company building specialised 3D printers that will print specialised 3D printers. We need initial funding to build the first model, which will print the next model, and so on. Invest now, or miss out forever.

Are you Anal?
Have you been told you are too neat and tidy? Friends saying you are stuck up and need to relax? Maybe you need new friends. Our exclusive club might be just what you need. Come inside and start letting it all hang out.

Need a small loan?
Need the latest mobile phone? Want to buy your girlfriend a diamond ring? Can’t keep your eyes of that Rolex? We are a business that lends money to people who need it most. Special conditions such as hourly interest rates apply.

Accommodation Available
A room in my basement is available for rent to the “right person”. Are you the “right person”? You know who you are. Apply within.