ZolaLilly Uranus gives you the latest predictions of your life, based on the proven scientific method of planetary alignment and its effects on the unique twelve personality types of human behaviour.  And yes, for the purposes of astrology, Pluto is still a planet.

Aries Taurus Gemini
Be careful before going full steam ahead, as you may find a large man waiting in a dark alley.  Try thinking more about your “Life”, than the “Like” button.  Everything you have ever believed turns out to be true. This is a strange and unsettling time for you.  If are are thinking of a holiday, now is the time.  Whatever you do, do not get on that plane, unless it is an Airbus A380 because they are very safe. Walking around with your head in the clouds can be good, but not on a rainy day.  Things will likely change, so now is the time to fill up on leaded as environmental friendliness is the least of your worries.
Cancer Leo Virgo
Someone you saw today is likely to pop back into your life tomorrow. Things will likely change,  so trust is very important right now.  especially when it comes to old John Travolta movies. Your career may be in flux, but don’t throw away the capacitor just yet.  Things will likely change, especially as each day follows the one slightly before it, but don’t let that stop you from salary sacrificing a Suzuki. Watch you foot, as it may get you into trouble.  Things will likely change, especially the price of your spiritual eggs.  Try going to Aldi rather than Coles, you may be pleasantly surprised.
Libra Scorpio Sagittarius
You need to consider issues of genetic engineering. Things will likely change, but don’t let that spoil your groovy pad. Home is where the heart, lungs and throat are. Try and do something crazy with your mouth at least once a month. Your head is a jungle, and you are very much ready to touch the underbelly. Things will likely change, so get organised and find yourself a nice new pair of shoes.  To not be true to yourself at this new time-slot is a crime. You have a fine ear for woodwind instruments. Things will likely change, so try to imagine yourself dancing like no-one is watching.  As always, keep your arrows straight and your bow bent slightly to the left.
Capricorn Aquarius Pisces
The tropics are still calling.  Things will likely change, so try to keep south of the meridian.  Life may be like a box of chocolates, but you are not the floating feather at the beginning of the movie, but more like a Thai ping pong ball. You might be contemplating thinking about drinking, which you may also consider is overwhelming. Things will likely change, especially if there is a machinery of government process afoot.  Real estate as an investment seems to have stalled. You and your best friend share a secret, but not with each other. Maybe it is time to have a chat to your partner about the other night and that mysterious love bite shaped mark on his inner thigh that suddenly appeared.  Things will likely change, but elephants will always be slow to mate.