Pun King back at SummerNats

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Google originally named Go-Ogle claims insider

Pun King back at SummerNats

The self-titled Pun King has arrived back in Canberra as part of his yearly pilgrimage to Summernats. Jimmy El-Sabaa is…

Geohot jailbreaks friend from Cook County Jail

In a bizarre turn of events, George Francis Hotz (aka Geohot) has used sophisticated technological means to break one of his friends from the USA’s largest prison. Red faced officials from Cook County Jail had commented that their choice of iOS4.2 as the operating system for the prison security system “may not have been the…

Scientists finally reveal secret to weight loss

In a world first, the International Guild of Credible Scientists (IGoCS) have revealed at their annual press conference that they have solved the unsolvable – how to maintain a healthy weight. The secret to weight loss has been plaguing modern man since the invention of the computer and the rise of fast food. Prior to…