Schoolteachers outraged as Carbon Tax pushes up Pencil prices

An angry teacher snaps a pencil

Primary school teachers have announced their displeasure with the new Carbon Tax and the suggestion that it will push up the price of pencils.

“Most people these days are aware that lead pencils do not actually contain lead, but contain carbon.” said Ernest Post from the National Teachers Federation.

“Market reaction to the Carbon Tax is already seeing an increase in the cost of pencils. HB currently remains steady at $1.50 per unit, but 2B pencils and above have increased by around 3 cents per centimetre.”

“I expect 9B to double in price over the next ten years. How long the standard HB can remain at current prices is anyone’s guess.”

In Egyptian and Roman times, pencils were actually made from lead. However, as early as the 16th Century pencils have been made of graphite, which is an allotrope of carbon.

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission said it would not enter into speculation as to whether it will be monitoring the price of pencils from now on, or at any stage.