Canberra running out of automobile number plates

The ACT Motor Registry today announced it is running out of number plates for automobiles.

Frank Tomic from the Motor Registry said today, “Canberrans are of course familiar with the traditional ‘Y’ at the front of their number plates. However, we are very close to releasing ‘YZZ-999’ which leaves us with nowhere to go.”

“Obviously we would normally move straight to ‘Z’, but these are already used by Commonwealth Cars. And besides, where do we go from there?”

A steering committee was set up to look at options for the next system of number plates.

Is this your next number plate?

“After several months of weekly meetings we believe we have settled on a new approach for Canberra’s motorists that will surprise and delight them.”

“Instead of the traditional letter or number, we will use the famous WingDings characters. Not only is this a first in Australia, but we believe this is the first in the world. In fact, we will have to develop specially designed equipment to make the new plates.”

The committee is reported to have also considered the WebDings, Zapf Dingbats and System fonts, but these were seen as “out of character”.

KOB says:

What is webdings for ‘Feel the Power’?