Limestone Lizzie: The Musical

One of Canberra’s most famous figures is set to be honoured in a musical extravaganza.

Limestone Lizzie - those boots were made for walking

Limestone Lizzie, who was notorious for selling her wares on Limestone Avenue, is having her story told by the ACT Arts Renaissance Society (ACTARS).

Daniel Keith from ACTARS said, “We are over the moon to be able to tell this story. Elizabeth Reginavic, aka Limestone Lizzie is a Canberra icon, yet many are unaware of her real story.”

“Limestone Lizzie was born in O’Connor and worked several jobs including ticket booth officer in the old Civic Three-for-Free carpark, before taking up the position she is most fondly remembered for. However, we don’t want to give too much away and spoil the ending!”

“Some of the other former Canberra personalities whose colourful characters will also be portrayed are Kate Carnell, Mal Meninga and Graeme True. Graeme may not be known by his actual name, but many may remember him walking around Civic in a kilt with a megaphone and wearing a safety helmet with ‘the end is nigh’ written in black texta.”

Rehearsals for the musical are currently underway, with an expected public debut later in the year.

Geoff says:

Ahhh … Limestone Lizzie. I remember being propositioned whilst waiting at the crossing of Limestone and Donaldson Streets.

This sounds like fun!

rorbald says:

bahahah i used to root her!